Photo of children hugging on the beach goes viral

Photo of children hugging on the beach goes viral

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A photo of a white boy and a black girl hugging on the beach in Myrtle Beach at sunset is going viral on Facebook, spreading a simple but powerful message to thousands.

The photo, posted by Ayanna Toye Barrows of Boston on April 12, has received over 45,000 shares as of Thursday morning, and is accompanied by a story of Barrows and her daughter walking on the beach at sunset when the young boy approached them.

"He shares with her the shark tooth around his neck. He tells her his name and asks her name to which she tells him. They part ways while saying goodbye, walking in the opposite direction," the post states.

A few minutes later, the boy came back, yelling Barrows' daughter's name, and the two children talk about the boy's "super cool" shark tooth.

Barrows goes on to write:

Before they walked, talked and raced, I asked his mother for permission to take this picture and this was the result. No one positioned them, told them to smile and there was absolutely no hesitation on their part at all. When we finished walking and it was time to go they hugged for a long time and exchanged about 20 "goodbyes" 

This is a moment that we humans understand as just simply seeing no color lines, no judgement [sic], no race, no hate, no shades. It's just pure....two kids meeting on a sunset walk without a care in the world...all they saw was each other. 

This world would be a much better place if we acted like these two kids. #‎ijs

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