Sidney Moorer motions reveal some state evidence in trial, seek to quash indictment

Sidney Moorer motions reveal some state evidence in trial, seek to quash indictment

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Several motions filed by the attorney of the man charged with kidnapping in connection with the case of missing woman Heather Elvis outline some of the evidence in the state's case against him, seek to admit a deal from the prosecutor as evidence and request to quash the indictment for obstruction of justice against him.

A motion filed on April 11 by the attorney representing Sidney Moorer seeks to prohibit the introduction of certain evidence in the trial based on the ground that it is, "irrelevant, more prejudicial than prohibitive, and/or hearsay." This evidence includes:

  1. staged photographs of the Moorers posing with a firearm while on vacation;
  2. statements of Tammy Moorer, in any form, including, but not limited to statements to or about Heather Elvis or the Elvis family, made by telephone, text message, email, Face Book posts, or in any form;
  3. any and all communications, electronic or otherwise, between Sidney and Tammy Moorer;
  4. any and all photographs obtained from the Moorers explicit in nature; 
  5. and other prejudicial and non-probative evidence.

A motion also sought to suppress, "any evidence of hearsay statements purported to have been made by Heather Elvis. In particular, the defense submits that State witness Bree Warrellman's testimony as to her telephone conversation with Heather Elvis, and more particularly what Heather told her, is inadmissible hearsay." In the past, Warrellman has said she had talked with Heather over the phone on the day before she went missing.

Another motion stated that an offer made to Moorer by the prosecutor should be admissible as evidence in the case, "to show a true picture of the conduct, bias, and immensely inadequate investigation and handling of this case by law enforcement and prosecutor at the time, Donna Elder. Further, it tends to show that defendant was charged with offense of murder and kidnapping without sufficient probable cause." The motion clarifies that, due to the standing gag order, further explanation will be presented at the hearing in this matter.

Although the murder charge has been dropped against both Sidney and Tammy Moorer, Sidney Moorer is still charged with kidnapping and obstruction of justice in connection with the disappearance of Heather Elvis. One motion filed on April 11 seeks to have these two charges tried separately, and another motion seeks to quash the obstruction of justice indictment entirely.

The next court date in Sidney Moorer's trial is April 18, where all pretrial motions will be heard before juror questionnaires are sent out. Jury selection on the trial is scheduled to begin on June 20, followed by the start of the trial.

These recent motions will not be discussed at the April 18 hearing.

Read all of the motions filed by Moorer's attorney on April 11 in the PDF document below:

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