More changes could be coming to The Market Common

More changes could be coming to The Market Common

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – A new plan to change parking plans in Market Common had several residents scratching their heads today, while the addition of new homes might take the place of potential business.

Philip Pecorn has been running a restaurant in Market Common for 20 years. He says while his business has been a success, he's worried at the direction Market Common is headed.

"At a certain point, Market Common has become so popular, that once all these lands disappear, We're not going to have enough parking spaces."

Those living in Market Common voiced similar opinions. Many gave suggestions to highlight the parking garages that go unused, advertising free parking for visitors. Along with this concern, City Council also went over the plan to get rid of live/work units, and switching to single family homes.

"After hearing some push back from the community, I think the developer withdrew one of those areas and is going forward with the single family homes." said City Manager, John Pederson.

Pecorn says he doesn't want to see Market Common stray too far from the village mentality. City Manager John Pederson says overall, changes will be made to the plan going forward, but the goal is still the same.

"You go into it with a concept, you know what you would like to achieve, and a very specific plan to get there. Sometimes you change that very specific plan, but you keep the concept. In this case we've kept the concept. The village concept is still very much as intact as it ever was."

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