Man arrested after another dog was found duct-taped in Darlington

Man arrested after another dog was found duct-taped in Darlington
Timothy Nalley (Source: Darlington County Detention Center)
Timothy Nalley (Source: Darlington County Detention Center)

DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) – A second dog was found with a duct-taped mouth in Darlington County, and the sheriff's office has arrested a man in connection with this incident.

The dog was found this past weekend with a tape mouth near Hoffmeyer Road, according to Darlington County Sheriff Wayne Byrd.

Timothy Monroe Nalley, born in 1977, was arrested and charged with cruelty to animals and for a summary court bench warrant.

According to a press release, DCSO deputies went to a home off Hoffmeyer Road in Darlington on Sunday after a complainant called about the dog's mouth and neck being duck taped.

When deputies arrived, they spoke with the complainant, who was able to get the tape off of the dog's mouth. Law enforcement were able to remove the tape from the animal's neck, the release stated.

Deputies talked to the suspect, who allegedly said that he taped the dog's mouth because it would not stop barking.  The animal was taken to the Darlington County Animal Shelter for care and treatment.

Following his release from jail on Monday on a $5,000 surety bond, Nalley admitted that he made a mistake.

"I went out and taped her mouth shut, but I didn't tape it to where she was in harm. She was perfectly fine," Nalley said. "If I would have had a muzzle, I would have put that on her, but I didn't have one."

At this time, the sheriff's office is trying to determine if there is a connection to Aurora, a dog found wandering the streets of Darlington last Monday with duct tape around her mouth and head. When she was found, she was underweight, and had heart worm disease and intestinal parasites. She was taken to the Darlington County Animal Shelter; the shelter hopes to raise funds for her medical procedures and find her a loving home.

"Things like, the way the animals were bound, the tape that was used, it certainly looks similar, and it's suspect that he might have done both," said Sheriff Wayne Byrd, as he described reasons deputies are exploring Nalley as a suspect.

Nalley says he has nothing to do with Aurora, and had no idea it even happened until it was brought up Monday.

"That has nothing to do with me. It doesn't," Nalley said. "If they get SLED fingerprints, that's fine."

"It's always horrifying, upsetting and just impossible to understand why someone would be cruel to a dog or cat or any other animal, but we see it and we respond," said Jackie Kirven, a board Member with the Darlington County Humane Society.

Sheriff Byrd said Nalley's dog will stay with animal control until his case is settled in court.Aurora, the dog from last week's case, is at the humane society until an owner comes forward. If not, she could go up for adoption within around 60 days.

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