Farmers prepare for overnight freeze to protect crops

Farmers prepare for overnight freeze to protect crops

LORIS, SC (WMBF) - Miracle Lewis says this sudden freeze warning will dwarf in comparison to the October flood, which devastated the farming community throughout the state. Lewis says most of their crops including Cabbage and Broccoli, were completely destroyed.

"We lost all of those and didn't get to sell any vegetables this winter."

Now with strawberry season beginning, Lewis says this unseasonable freeze could pose a huge threat to her top seller.

"We are prepared for it. To an extent. We have row covers for our strawberries. It's like a giant paper towel that you put over your strawberries to cover them up and then what we can't cover up we'll wash off with water before the sun comes up."

Neighbors from all over came to support the farm Saturday and grab as many strawberries as they could in case they didn't make it through the freeze. However, Lewis says she's more worried about the larger row crop farmers with hundreds of acres of corn and other commodities, which are at higher risk of being killed.

"I don't really think there's anything they could do. They have too much to spray them off before the sun comes up and way too much to even think about covering. They'll just have to pray."

Along with the crops, this quick change in temperature could also pose a threat to livestock.

"They'll have to keep the hay steadily going to them, and just make sure they have enough to constantly be eating through the night and stay warm," Lewis said, adding that she hopes these rough times will help people become aware of farmers in their communities, and hopefully do more to support them.

"This doesn't just happen here," Lewis said. "Whether it's happening here or in California or in another country. It's happening somewhere in the world. It just teaches us to be more prepared."

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