On the boat at the Bassmasters Elite Series

On the boat at the Bassmasters Elite Series

GEORGETOWN, SC (WMBF) – Day two of the Bassmasters Elite Series in Winyah Bay wrapped up on Friday, and the field is now cut in half as the best anglers in the world vie for a championship.

"We're all competitors," Jacob Powroznik of the Elite Series explained. "We're all great friends but when it comes to this, we all want to beat each other."

Powroznik sits in eighth place through two days. Britt Myers is currently in first after a two-day haul of 37 pounds. He is followed in the standings by Kelly Jordon and Brett Hite.

Yet, competing in the Bassmasters series is a labor of love that can test patience. Though it makes everything much more rewarding when it all comes together.

"When it's seven degrees (and) when you have to get up and go fish? It's not rewarding then," Powroznik said. "But there's nothing like catching a big old bass."

"There's a lot of hard work involved," Hite said. "All these guys are at the top echelon of the sport, and if you're not working hard to improve, someone else is."

The anglers have free reign of where they can go, and several decided to go down toward the Cooper River, which is a four-hour round trip, in an eight-hour fishing day. However, that's where most of the leaders through two days found their success.

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