A look back at the damaging April freeze of 2007

A look back at the damaging April freeze of 2007

. - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF)  While freezing temperatures are expected across much of the region this weekend, the freeze will not be nearly as bad as what the area saw in 2007.

Between April 8 and April 10, 2007, unseasonably cold weather led to one of the most damaging and costliest freezes in recent history. Across the eastern United States, the freeze led to 1,237 record low temperatures being broken and nearly $2 billion in crop damages.

One thousand counties in 24 states were declared federal disaster areas because of the severe crop damage.

The freeze was devastating to the peach and strawberry crop across South Carolina. Temperatures in the lower 20s caused widespread and severe damage to early peach blossoms. Peach production was down 79 percent following the freeze, South Carolina's apple crop dropped by 85 percent and local strawberry crops saw a d rop in production of up to 70 percent.

Crop damage resulted in $129 million in damages across the state. It was so severe that 41 of South Carolina's 46 counties were declared federal disaster areas.

Temperatures across the local area reached record lows, which included 22 degrees in Lumberton, 24 degrees in Dillon, 26 degrees in Florence and 29 degrees in Myrtle Beach.

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