Restaurant Scorecard: Several popular spots receive sub-par scores

Restaurant Scorecard: Several popular spots receive sub-par scores

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – On this week's Restaurant Scorecard, several popular eateries received sub-par grades from inspectors with the Department of Health and Environmental Control, and one local spot responded to their rating on social media.

ART Burger in Myrtle Beach received an 82 percent score. Shortly after the inspection report came out, the restaurant posted a detailed explanation and apology on Facebook.

"They went through our restaurant and found some violations. I don't ever share the 100s or the high As that we usually get, but I felt, because of the low score, we should share with the public," said owner Larry Bond.

The report deducted points for multiple violations including: no employee health or clean-up poly was posted; some food surfaces were not cleaned and sanitized; the cheese sauce was not cooling at the correct rate; cold food was not being held at the correct temperatures; food was cooling in the wrong place; and the restaurant did not approve their rice preparation procedure with DHEC, among other violations.

Steak N' Shake in Surfside Beach received a score of 80 during its routine inspection, which was done in conjunction with a complaint about the conditions at the restaurant.

Inspectors found that there was not an employee health policy dealing with exclusions, restrictions and restatement. Additionally, there was not an emergency clean-up plan provided. Other violations included: drinks were stored on a rack without lids; employees were seen not washing their hands between tasks; food in the coolers was not protected or covered; a spatula used to move raw beef was seen being used to handle ready-to-eat foods; scrambled eggs and beef were being held at the wrong temperatures; chemicals were being stored next to single-service items; squeeze bottles in the kitchen were unlabeled; and food was not being stored six inches above the ground. These violations were corrected during the inspection.

DHEC inspectors gave Golden Corral in Myrtle Beach an 83 percent after their inspection. The report noted that: ovens had an excessive build-up of grease, seasoning containers, cooking equipment, and shelving; floors and walls all had a build-up of grease, food and grime; the drains on two sinks were leaking; and the floors were in poor repair. Many other violations were corrected during the inspection.

Huddle House in Kingstree scored an 87 on its follow-up inspection. DHEC deducted points for the following violations: hands were not washed before donning gloves; the cook cleaned with chemicals, then went back to cooking with the same gloves on; sausage gravy was not cooling at the correct rate or in the right containers; and the back door was not sealed tight.

The following restaurants all received "A" grades and high scores from DHEC with only a few violations: Grilled Cheese and Crab Cake Company in Garden City received a 98; Greg Norman's Australian Grill in North Myrtle Beach received a 97 on its follow-up; and Family Ties in Garden City got a 97 on its routine inspection.

Each of this week's Restaurant Scorecard reports is available in PDF format below:

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