Bassmasters gear up for weekend in Georgetown

Bassmasters gear up for weekend in Georgetown

GEORGETOWN, S.C (WMBF) - Pro fishermen may not get the same admiration as other athletes, but they still put in the same time and dedication. Cliff Crochet hails from the bayous of Louisiana, and grew up with a love of LSU football and fishing with his dad and brother. That love of water drove him from an early age.

"I was about 12, and I liked competition, I enjoyed playing sports, I liked fishing, so I was able to wrap both into one fishing and competition," said Crochet.

He chose a different career path at first, as he served on the Baton Rouge police force. But in 2013, he traded in his badge for a rod full time.

"It's been a long ride," he said. "It's a dream, you don't think it's ever going to happen, you know it can happen but you don't know if it ever will."

Crochet has fished across the nation, from California to Michigan. As one of over 100 anglers competing this weekend for points in the Elite Series, Crochet has a plan for his first time on Winyah Bay.

"You look at how you want to fish to be comfortable, then you look at seasonal patterns that kind of tells you what's going to be going on with the fish and then you start looking at maps," he said.

While he is inspired by the accolades of his competition, what would make a good weekend for him?

"Top 20, points, get a little prize money, life would be good," Crochet said.

Boats depart the Georgetown boat ramp at seven tomorrow morning with a final weigh in Sunday at 3:30. Stay with WMBF News throughout the Bassmasters Elite Tournament.

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