City of MB to decide on $850k City Hall expansion at budget retreat

City of MB to decide on $850k City Hall expansion at budget retreat

. - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - The city of Myrtle Beach may upgrade City Hall with a pricey addition.

Since the city is growing and offering more services, it's outgrowing its current space.

As it grows, there are more departments, more programs created and more services offered to the community. That creates a need for more office space for staff and enough rooms for meetings.

Public attendance is important for the city, and the voice of the community shapes decisions that are ultimately made. But city employees said the conference room is simply not big enough to fit everyone that attends.

So, as part of the upcoming budget decisions for next year, council will decide whether or not to spend $850,000 to expand City Hall.

The expansion would create space for a new and larger conference room, and extra office space.

"We also need to be concerned about security as well," said Mark Kruea, Myrtle Beach spokesman. "This building was built a long time ago, before security was quite the issue that it is today. We really need to consider providing a secure environment for the public and for our employees."

City council and staff have their annual budget retreat next week. There, they'll discuss whether to approve the addition, and how to move the city forward with this growing need for space.

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