Myrtle Beach Mall renovations are at a standstill

Myrtle Beach Mall renovations are at a standstill

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Renovations to the Myrtle Beach Mall were slated to start back in 2015, but construction has come to a stand-still and not much progress has been made.

The $500,000 renovations were expected to begin by May 2015 with construction to the exterior entrances, followed by renovations to the food court area in mid-summer 2015.

However, those and other deadlines have come and gone. For one mall employee, whose store is right outside of where most of the renovations are, he's relying on repeat customers for business.

"All the people that are here, even if it's just the morning walkers exercising, they see the store and next time they're in the area, they decide they want to come and see us," said an employee of the Myrtle Beach Mall.

According to the malls contractor, certain internal problems with mall management are preventing the plans from flowing as they should.

Misuma Holdings, the contractor for the renovations, said there was an initial agreement for contractors to do work on the exterior and the food court.

Contractors said the project was no longer lucrative for them after they claim the mall's owner demanded some of the initial money invested be returned.

The contractor then decided to step away from the project altogether.

Mall employees are looking forward to the new renovations and what it could mean for generating business. But as of now, it's up to the small business owners to bring in all the traffic.

"At this point in time, it's not a lot of foot traffic in the mall. Hopefully, that new appeal will bring in clientele and bring in people that we don't have now," said an employee of the Myrtle Beach Mall.

Joe Perl, general manager for Myrtle Beach Mall, said the renovations will be complete, and once that happens, more jobs will come to the area.

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