Sidney Moorer files motion to suppress State's expert witness

Sidney Moorer files motion to suppress State's expert witness

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – A motion filed by Heather Elvis kidnapping suspect Sidney Moorer's attorney on March 25 seeks to suppress one of the State's proposed expert witnesses.

The motion, filed by Moorer's attorney Kirk Truslow, requests that the court suppress the expert opinion of Grant Fredericks, a certified forensic video analyst, according to his profile on the website for Forensic Video Solutions. "Grant is a Certified Forensic Video Analyst, who has testified as an expert witness over 130 times in courts at all levels," the site states. "He is recognized as a leading instructor in the science of Photographic/Video Comparison, Reverse Projection and Vehicle Speed Analysis."

The motion cites previous case law, but does not specify why Moorer's defense attorney is seeking to suppress this specific witness. The deadline to file pretrial motions in this case in April 4, according to court documents.

While the murder charges against both Sidney and Tammy Moorer were dropped earlier this month, Sidney Moorer is still charged with kidnapping in connection with the disappearance of Heather Elvis, as well as obstruction of justice.  A jury trial date has been set for Moorer on these charges.

According to a scheduling order filed March 22 with the Horry County Clerk of Court, jury selection is set to begin June 20, followed by the start of the trial upon qualification of the panel.

The order lists a schedule leading up to June 20. It is listed below:

April 4 – Deadline for filing all pretrial motions

April 15 – Opposing counsel responds in writing to all briefs filed in support of pretrial motions

April 18 – All pretrial motions that counsel or court want heard prior to juror questionnaires or juror summons being sent out by the Horry County Clerk of Court

May 2 – Eight hundred juror summons and questionnaires will be mailed out

June 2 – Questionnaires are due by this date

June 3 – List given to the sheriff's offense on no responses

June 13 through June 17 – Final hearing dates for any and all pretrial matters that need to be resolved prior to trial.

June 17 – Attorneys to provide witness list to the court

June 20 – Jury panel arrives and the qualification process begins. A jury will be chosen and the trial will begin upon qualification of the panel

June 27 – Trial continues if necessary

Tammy Moorer also still faces a kidnapping charge, however, a trial date her has not yet been scheduled. An obstruction of justice charge was also dropped against Tammy Moorer.

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