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Galivants Ferry residents report loud explosion, HCPD finds 'Tannerite' to be the cause

GALIVANTS FERRY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County Police reports say people at an alleged shooting range caused a loud explosion a couple of weeks ago. It was heard by many people in the Galivants Ferry area. 

Reports say the people at the range were using what's called tannerite, an explosive that you can buy legally at almost any gun store.

"It's the loudest thing I've ever heard," said Galivants Ferry resident Kevin Gasque. "We had my sister on a horse and it liked to have thrown her off so i I just don't see the need to have anything like that legal when it can do so much harm of hurting somebody."

It's used for long distance shooting, so you can tell that you hit your target. It comes as two different components that you mix together. They only ignite when hit with a bullet at a high rate of speed.

While it's meant to be used in small amounts, it's easy to see how the power in the packages can be abused.

"You can put all the warning labels in the world. That doesn't mean somebody's not going to mix together something that's dangerous to themselves or others," said 707 Gun Shop owner Robert Battista.

At least two reports were filed with HCPD about the loud boom.

At this point, the police reports show no laws were broken.  

According to the reports, it appears neighbors would have to file civil complaints in this case.

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