West Virginia high school team makes trek to play baseball in the Grand Strand

West Virginia high school team makes trek to play baseball in the Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, S.C. (WMBF) - There are a lot of traditions in baseball, as for Logan High out of West Virginia. It's a tradition to see them play baseball in the Grand Strand for the past 35 years.  "Baseball and softball, the kids don't get a spring break so we thought, let's go to Myrtle Beach," Head Coach Roger Gertz said.

Coach Gertz - who has led the Wildcats from the mountains to the coast for the past three and a half decades has helped with the out of state representation for the Mingo Bay Baseball Classic since he first became a head coach.  "Brought four teams from the north, and then four teams from this area and started a tournament and it has been growing and growing and growing," Gertz said.

The players may have changed, but one constant has remained. Miller Cope is in the outfield cheering Logan on. "Myrtle Beach is the place for West Virginians to come on vacation, so I've been coming for a long time," Miller Cope said. Cope started to attend the tournament when his sons were on the team - that was in the 80s. Since the days of his kids playing are over, he still finds a way to come and support Logan. "My wife goes shopping, and I go to the baseball games," said Cope.

Besides the vacation time ball players can spend with their families, they also build a bond with each other before the regular season begins.  "Once we are here for a week and staying with each other for a week, it really ties everything together and I think that really helps when we go back home," Coach Gertz said.

As for next year, Coach Gertz and the wildcats plan on playing again in the Mingo Bay Classic.

Tournament play continues at ten Horry County High Schools through the rest of the weekend.

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