Myrtle Beach working to allow farm stands throughout city

Myrtle Beach working to allow farm stands throughout city

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Myrtle Beach officials are working to make it easier for anyone who wants to buy or sell local produce within the city limits to do just that.

Currently, there are one or two locations within the city where farmers are selling at stands.

For those interested in setting up a new stand in Myrtle Beach, there's no law to allow it.

"Sustainability, sustainable gardens and being able to have neighborhood produce centers seems to be very popular now in urban planning throughout the country," said South Carolina State Rep. Alan Clemmons. "And we are seeing in cities as dense as Chicago and New York, we see neighborhood gardens springing up

Clemmons has recently been working with city planners to make a change. One part of the process is deciding where people can set up shop and sell produce.

Commercial streets such as Kings Highway will allow produce sales, according to city planners.

Additionally, areas with an actual farm on the property, zones blended with residential homes and commercial properties with empty spots that could house a stand would be considered.

The stands could be mobile, tents or small shelters, with a maximum allowance of around 300 square feet.

Clemmons said he is interested because he wants to set up a farm stand of his own on his property off S.C. 15.

"Turn into a micro economy, where the people growing the goods are selling them to the neighbors. And everybody's eating good, healthy, non-GMO, without pesticides or herbicides, grown locally. And they're reaping the health benefits," he said.

The Myrtle Beach City Council still must approve all plans in reference to farm stands.

Then, for those who want to set up their own stand, they'll have to go through the permitting process before selling produce in their neighborhood.

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