Police intervene in alleged animal neglect situation

Police intervene in alleged animal neglect situation

LORIS, SC (WMBF) - Residents in a Loris neighborhood have expressed concern for two dogs left outside a home for weeks.

A viewer contacted WMBF news in regards to the two dogs he believed were being mistreated.

WMBF News has been making calls on the story ever since. While no charges have been filed against anyone, there was confusion for weeks on who to call for help.

"That's exactly what the problem was. We didn't know who to go to, who to call. All we wanted to do was call the person who was going to fix it. And the two weeks I've been involved in it, we've never found that person. We never found anybody to do that," Rick Tebbs said.

Tebbs and a few others have took it upon themselves to feed the dogs and fill their water bowls.

The Loris Police Department does not have an animal control unit. That is why reports show Horry County police responded to the home on March 22, March 25 and March 26 to give the animals food and water.

Lt. Gore with the LPD said in order for any law enforcement officer to take an animal, it has to be in immediate danger. Without the owner's permission, law enforcement can't take animals off the property without a court order.

"In order for animal control to pick up the dog, what they have to do is go to the judge and have a pickup order actually signed. Officer Fox with the Horry County Police Department had called the judge and questioned him about it. And they said ... that the dog was being taken care of by a friend and in turn that's who probably picked up the dog and took it to their residence," Gore said.

After receiving multiple calls regarding the two dogs and their well-being, Gore and the Loris City Administrator arrived at the home Monday afternoon to check on the status of the animals.

The Loris Police Department first called Horry County 12 days ago. The concern for some is why it took so long to get to the bottom of the issue. Neighbors said the two dogs were left outside for six weeks and one of the dogs is paralyzed.

"Dogs can't talk. We're their voice. We're these dogs' and cats' voice if someone deems there is a really bad situation going on. There should be someone who cares right now," Tebbs said.

The owner of the dogs has since called WMBF News, saying that the dogs are fine and that a friend has taken them to a farm in North Carolina.

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