Lamar community fearful after rash of break-ins

Lamar community fearful after rash of break-ins

LAMAR, SC (WMBF) - The Darlington County Sheriffs Office has been working several break-ins over the last few weeks, most of which have occurred in the small town of Lamar. Several firearms were among the items stolen.

"The people in the community are scared." said Eric Durand.

Durand lives on a normally quiet road in Lamar, but says over the last several weeks, many of his neighbors' homes have been broken into, and he believes it almost happened to his.

"It was a couple of weeks ago we had an individual pull into my driveway at 2:30 in the morning wanting to sell me something, which I had no idea who this person was and we kind of ran him off and asked him not to come back on this property any more. Because I'm thinking anybody that comes into your driveway at 2:30 in the morning...whatever they want to sell you, it's not good."

Durand says his biggest concern is the amount of fire-arms that have been stolen from law-abiding citizens who purchased them legally.

"There are firearms on the street that are potentially going into the wrong hands."

The Darlington County Sheriff's Office has been investigating the burglaries, but currently no one has been charged. Durand says authorities did patrol the area for a few days, but he feels more could be done.

"We got the good sense that they were trying to do something positive but since then we haven't seen much of them anymore."

If you have any information about these burglaries, please contact the Darlington County Sheriff's Office.

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