New equipment students at CCU are using tracks health stats

New equipment students at CCU are using tracks health stats

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - If you wonder how healthy you are, very soon you'll have the opportunity to work with CCU students to assess and improve your health.

A new piece of equipment is helping to engage students with the community in the name of nutrition through the TEAL Program, which stands for Transforming Eating And Lifestyle.

It's a machine called the InBody 570. It cost the university about $15,000, but what the machine will provide students is priceless experience. They hope to work with the community using the Inbody.

The machine works by sending electric currents throughout your core, arms and legs. It analyzes body composition, and can tell you the amount of lean muscle in each limb, amount and percentage of body fat, and bone mineral content.

One of the key features of the InBody is that it's completely non-invasive. All you have to take off are your shoes and your jewelry.  You step onto the machine, hold onto the handles, and the whole test takes about 50 seconds.

Six students have been training to use the machine and work with other students, faculty, and members of the community to analyze the results and consult on how to improve the numbers. For someone who takes the test, students sit down and explain the numbers afterward. If you track your diet for the last few days, they can go even further.

"The computer literally will break down every single thing that you've eaten," explained Whitney Seay, a student in the TEAL Program. "And it will give you - you can put in a goal weight that you want to reach, and it actually gives you a grocery list of everything that you would need to have the meal plan set, and it gives you recipes to follow."

Starting next week, anyone will be able to pick a package and go to CCU for a consultation. The cost is from $10 to $80 depending on whether the patient wants a one-time consult or to keep receiving updates on their  progress.

For anyone interested, just visit the webpage for the TEAL Program here.

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