Florence One pushes to relieve traffic congestion in school district

Florence One pushes to relieve traffic congestion in school district
FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - Hundreds of thousands of dollars are going into improving traffic congestion and protecting students at a Florence school.
It’s because the side streets that surround McLaurin Elementary school were not created to handle so much traffic.
School leaders said a new road will soon be added to provide greater safety during emergencies.
“Traffic here is bad,” said McLaurin Elementary Principal Deborah Cribb.
Cribb said more than 500 cars unload at the school every morning. The location causes traffic to stack up in surrounding neighborhoods and roads.
“The safety issue of being at the end of a dead end street with only one way in and one way out in case of an emergency is just not something that is safe for anyone,” Crib said.
The school is surrounded by woods with just a single road providing access.
“About half of my population is not zoned for McLaurin, so that brings a whole set of traffic with it as well,” Cribb said.
Traffic congestion and safety concerns are just two of the reasons Florence School District One and the city of Florence entered into a partnership.
“The city was actually considering putting in a road with the redesign and reconstruct of the waste water treatment plan,” Drew Griffin, the Florence city manager, said.
Both the city and school district agreed to pay for the $800,000 road, which will join S.C. 301 to the school.
“This will be built to a DOT and city standard. It will be a standard street with standard construction and standard right of ways,” said Griffin.
The land surrounding the school that will soon become a two-lane road is undeveloped. The city said it could pave the way for residential development.
“Potentially on some of the private property. And a lot of times that is what drives someone’s interest in giving us right away,” Griffin said.
“We know we still have a ways to go, but at least we can see something happened now,” Cribb said.
The construction of the road is scheduled to begin sometime in the summer.

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