Grande Dunes residents concerned about LStar property management

Grande Dunes residents concerned about LStar property management

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Dozens of residents of the Grand Dunes community rushed to the Myrtle Beach City Council workshop Tuesday morning hoping to get answers to rumors about some proposed changes to their area.

Residents in attendance said they heard the property management group, LStar, would be in attendance and they wanted to talk about changes that could possibly affect their neighborhoods once a new development is built.

LStar purchased the Grande Dunes community and they have plans to expand it. The company recently purchased the Waterway Hills Golf Course, where they plan to build a new home development called Grande Dunes North.

Grande Dunes resident Gerald Ogden is just one who said he moved to the community because it was secluded. Now, the feeling is their privacy will be threatened.

"We were shown a plot of land (and) that this was going to be an isolated community, with gates and high security. Now that LStar has bought a piece of property next door to us, they want to access that piece of property through our community and increase our traffic," explained Ogden.

Grande Dunes residents feel the private neighborhood streets and bridge will be another entrance for the new subdivision.

"We don't want this traffic through our neighborhood because it will ruin our privacy and it will devalue our land. We were not promised this to begin with," Ogden said.

Steven Vining, an LStar management representative, said the company has no intention of making the neighborhood accessible to other subdivisions.

However, residents living in the Members Club area of the Grande Dunes are especially concerned because they believe increased traffic will affect them the most.

"Let them built their houses, but have their entrance and exit off of Interstate 31. That is where it's supposed to be, not coming through our community," stated Grand Dunes resident Gary Foster.

LStar said they plan to build another gate for the Grande Dunes area to limit access.

"What we are proposing at the intersection of Terra Verde and Bellasera Circle is that there be a gate there. There wouldn't be any access beyond that point," said Vining.

He added the company plans to make Grande Dunes North accessible from Interstate 31.

"This new community will also be a gated community. There will be a gate out at the end towards Highway 31, for only the folks who will be in that community," Vining said.

Residents fear that more homes in the community will leave limited access to the amenities in their communities.

"Right down the road, they are building another 58 homes in the enclave, in addition to the other 858 homes they are going to build in Grande Dunes North," said Foster. "Plus, they are putting another 300 houses in Cipriana Park, but yet there are no additional facilities or amenities being added."

Vining said any Grande Dunes homeowner will have access to the Ocean Club but specific areas will remain restricted.

"It will be part of Grande Dunes, so all those residents will have access to the Ocean Club, but only folks who are members of the Members Club will be able to go into the Grande Dunes Golf Village area," Vining explained.

The residents said they want the city to hear their concerns. A petition was started that gained more than 100 signatures opposing the suggested plans.

City council members said they have not received any PUD applications from LStar. However, if an application is submitted to the city, Mayor John Rhodes said staff would have to review it and then it would go to the planning commission before reaching council.

The mayor said residents and property owners in Grande Dunes would be notified and would have the opportunity to speak about their concerns at that time.

LStar representatives said they have not submitted any applications to the city, but added they are in the process of putting together the paperwork for the new development with the city of North Myrtle Beach.

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