Carolina Country Music Fest recruits event security

Carolina Country Music Fest recruits event security

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Carolina Country Music Festival is looking to hire locals to assist with security through the four-day festival this June.

Though the event is still roughly 90 days away, the director of security is starting the hiring process for CCMF now.

The director dedicated Monday to speaking with those interested in keeping concertgoers safe.

"We like to call them goodwill ambassadors, if you will, as opposed to staffing, just so everyone knows what they're doing, where they're going, what concerts will be playing where, and, you know exits, entrances and so forth, what's needed over the four days," he said.

Each goodwill ambassador will be paid $10 an hour. Since the shifts will be long, there will be breaks, food and water.

"No. 1, I want to make sure they are local. That's first and foremost. If they do have crowd or some sort of experience in handling high-volume situations such as, we are getting people who already work for security firms here locally," the security director explained.

Many of those calling in with interest are firefighters and other members of public safety. Because there are different tickets with different levels of access, communication is key.

"These are people who are very calm and organized and who can communicate very well. That's what we are looking for, communication skills," the director said.

Those with such experience will be zone supervisors. Each zone will have 15 to 20 goodwill ambassadors.

Right now, the task is making a schedule

"Then, (we compile) it into positions, zones. Once we get into the footprint and make sure that, for me, come the day of, everyone knows exactly where they are going, what they're working and how they are doing it as far as what their zone requires them to do as far as who can be there and who can't," the security director explained.

He added he is looking for 70 or more goodwill ambassadors. While he prefers ambassadors have total availability for all four days of the festival, he said he is willing to work with people.

The Carolina Country Music Festival is set for June 9 through June 12.

The director of security can be reached directly at (803) 504-3310.

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