Forced to Resign. Rallied to Return. Welcomed Back.

Forced to Resign. Rallied to Return. Welcomed Back.

THURSDAY AT 11PM – Back in 2014, Latta Police Chief Crystal Moore was fired after 20 years on a local police force.

"It was just astonishing – to know that just because of my sexuality, somebody can come in and get rid of me," she said. But her home town stood behind her.

"It's just overwhelming to see how many people that came in to support me…for me," Chief Moore said during a WMBF News Investigates interview.

On Thursday at 11 p.m., in a WMBF News special report, we learn more about Chief Moore's remarkable journey, in her words.

"It was awesome and scary at the same time."

Tune in to WMBF News Thursday at 11 p.m. to watch.

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