Lakeview Villas could bring more business to Withers Swash area

MYRTLE BEACH (WMBF) – New living options will soon be along 5th Ave South on the other side of Withers Swash. Although the new apartment complex will be built in what is now called a hidden area, you will still have plenty of access to walk right along Ocean Boulevard and nearby attractions.

Kingston Builders proposed a new development known as Lakeview Villas which is slated to sit along 5th Ave South. Withers Swash Park borders the land and soon the 9-acre property will house 105 units.

The city approved the project because it will fit well with the surrounding attractions and businesses. The developer focused on this specific location because he was impressed with the revitalization efforts off of Ocean Blvd.

But some residents say that there is no need to fill the space.

"To put a hundred and so units condensed in that small area would increase the traffic through here quite a bit," said a Myrtle Beach resident.

This resident has lived in Myrtle Beach for about five years now, and says that without a light at the end of Kings Highway, cars coming in and out of the new area will cause too much congestion.

"The only other thing is if the city makes another exit, maybe out on the highway to get them to get out to go a different direction and with the swash being on the other side I only see one way in and one way out."

Although some residents think the new condos will have a huge impact on the traffic, one local business woman says she's ready for a change.

"Hopefully it's going to mean more business, we're hoping maybe there's kids and families are going to want to see the giraffes and the elephants and want to come over and play with us," said Brenda Barfied, Jungle Lagoon Manager.

There is no word on when crews will start leveling the ground and although plans are still in the process to start the condominiums, there sin't a timeline for construction or word about hose much the units will cost.

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