Boat manufacturer company expanding Marion facility

Boat manufacturer company expanding Marion facility
Group Beneteau Marion facility
Group Beneteau Marion facility

MARION COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - The Beneteau boat manufacturer is expanding its Marion facility in the hope of bringing more jobs to the area.

To help, it will host the first job fair on site in the last 30 years.

Group Beneteau Marion is expanding its product line and to do so, they need to expand their current team of 164 employees and add a number of brand new positions.

Jennifer Reinman, human resources director for Beneteau Group Marion the past 16 years, said the areas of trade range from finish carpenters, mechanics, hardware people, laminators, patchers and all those specific positions to the boat building industry.

Reinman is putting on the job fair and said the company typically travels to boat shows or dealers.

"I would like them to walk away having a good experience being on site at this beautiful state of the art facility. I often say our recruiting pool is within a 60 mile radius if you just put your thumb on Beneteau and go out in a circle 60 miles in any direction. That's basically where our recruiting pool is and those are the people that work here at Beneteau," said Reinman.

Reinman added the France Beneteau family chose Marion for its landscape, its location near Interstate 20 and Interstate 95, and also being halfway between Miami and New York, which makes it easier to transport boats all over the country.

Joie Kennard traveled from Michigan to use her 30 years of experience with the sister company to Beneteau, Rec Boat Holdings, LLC, to help recruit.

"It's a $100,000 boat, it's something tangible you can take out on the ocean, on a lake you know. It's more than building a component for something. We're building a whole vessel. We're looking for people that want to come to work. They don't just want to have a job; they want to believe in what we're doing and have a sense of pride in what we build," said Kennard

Both expressed concern over the job loss in the Marion area.

"Hopefully this will represent some hope and some growth for this area," said Reinman.

There are also administrative positions open. No previous experience is necessary to apply. The fair is on site on Saturday from 7 to 11 a.m.

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