Hartsville student performed in front of millions of Americans

HARTSVILLE, SC (WMBF) – Stone Martin is a junior at Hartsville High School. He has more than 50,000 Twitter followers; the humble high school student plans to make his mark in the music industry, and he already had a pretty big start.

"We watched the season finale of season two [of The X Factor] and it said March 19 Charleston, South Carolina. I told my mom to put it in her calendar because we are going," Martin said.

That was the beginning of Martin's television debut on "The X Factor".

"It was May 23, I actually auditioned in front of the judges and there was an audience and everything," Martin said. "It was different, because I hadn't done anything like that. I said the biggest number I had performed in front of was six people in my living room."

Suddenly, Martin found himself thrust on stage before millions of people across America.

"It was a cool feeling to know America was watching me," Martin said. He was eliminated at top 40, but his career has not stopped.

"I sing with my friends Brooke and Makayla," Martin said.

"Recently, I just got accepted to A Capella Academy, which is like a little over a week camp in Los Angeles, and it's hosted by Pentatonix," Martin said.

Right now, Martin is continuing to sing and perform locally. He said that he wouldn't mind taking a career as a music producer, which is something he already does on his YouTube Channel now.

He said he's thankful for the support of his community and friends, but most importantly his family.

"They're always supportive and they push me to do my best.  It's very good to have that support behind you…especially for something you want to do," Martin said.

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