Myrtle Beach Fire and Rescue recruits prepare for graduation

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Myrtle Beach Fire Department is weeks away from adding 20 new firefighters to the regiment.  The number of recruits is more than they've graduated in recent years, and new technology has played a big role in the training.

The class made up of 19 men and one woman will graduate April 8 as firefighters.  They will go through a year of extra training and partnership with an experienced firefighter to become officially certified.

This April will also mark one year since Myrtle Beach Fire Department has used cameras on their helmets.  Lieutenant Christian Sliker said although the department only bought two cameras, they have been a huge help when he investigates the cause of fires.  Besides that, they help battalion chiefs decide whether a fire is too dangerous to send in firefighters.  In video above, you can catch a glimpse from video footage of what it's like when firefighters enter rooms filled with blinding smoke.

The cameras are used almost daily for recruit training.  The footage of numerous fires helps critique and advise what to do.

Meredith Helline reported on what a day in the shoes of a Myrtle Beach Fire Department recruit is like.  She experienced confinement training.  See what it's like for yourself in the videos above!

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