Teen Turnaround program gives teens purpose

Teen Turnaround program gives teens purpose

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - When your kid is getting in trouble and heading down the wrong path, there's a way to turn things around that doesn't have to include juvenile detention. There's a program called "Teen Turnaround" that uses music to help teach at-risk teens self-discipline and life lessons.

The owners of GuitarZan, a guitar shop in Myrtle Beach, saw a need in the community for more guitar lessons for kids who might never get a chance in school or kids who have limited resources at home. Jill Moody and TMoody started the Teen Turnaround program in 2015. It provides eight free private lessons and a free guitars to teens that are referred to the program through the Horry County solicitor's office and area youth centers.

"They just don't have no confidence," said TMoody. "So we give them confidence. And when that confidence comes, they're able to go out and be better people, better students, better grades. Because the guitar creates creativity in the brain. It opens that up and lets them become who they need to be."

Since the program started one year ago, six teens have graduated from the program.

"They've been beat down by the world," said Jill. "And it just drives me nuts, because they're so young and they've got their whole life. And they've been beat down. But then after they come in week after week, they get more comfortable. They get more confident from playing."

There is one student in the program at a time. If a student shows exceptional progress after the eight weeks, the student can continue on if another teen is not waiting to start. If you think your teen could benefit from the Teen Turnaround program, talk with your child's case worker to see if he or she can be referred.

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