Residents Clean-Up Virginia Marshall Park

Residents Clean-Up Virginia Marshall Park

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Drugs and violence are a problem for a local park, according to some people who live near Virginia Marshall Park on the south end of Myrtle Beach. They say they're ready to take steps to help eliminate what the park brings to their backyards.

Today, residents took time out of their day to spring clean the Virginia Boardwalk. However, homeowners said it was not all about the cleanup, it was about their safety.

"Residents would encounter various of activities in the park and because it's so secluded you get in the park and find something that you would't expect to find, said Craig Teller, the Neighborhood Watch Coordinator.

Teller said that in the Virginia Marshall park, drugs, violence, and litter are destroying the area.

"You have a lot of residents that would love to use it because it's just a beautiful place but haven been able to because they're just afraid", said Teller.

Residents said a spring clean-up was the only option to get the ball rolling.

"There had been some thought that maybe we wanted to ask the city just close the park to keep the illicit activities out but the consensus was that we wanted to take the park back and make it better," said Teller.

Barbara Prescop lives near the park and although she was more than happy to help clean, she found much more than your typical fast food trash.

"I believe we found what you call dime bags and nickel bags that are known for having some drugs in them," said Prescop.

The trash was not the only thing that caught her eye, she wishes she could see around the entire bridge.

"I think if you had some type of camera there for safety in case something went wrong police officials will be able to respond quicker," explained Prescop.

Residents say that at the end of the month, the watch group will meet with city officials to talk about how to improve the security in the area.

"We're calling all the police all the time and that's one of the reasons that our neighborhood watch has been so successful."

The people who volunteered are not only excited about the progress they made today, they're excited for others to be able to come and enjoy the park that they call home too.

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