Student Spotlight: Horry County student gets perfect score

Student Spotlight: Horry County student gets perfect score

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - An Horry County Student is one of only eleven in the world during 2015 to earn a perfect score on the Advanced Placement BC Calculus exam.

"I found out that I had gotten a perfect score, about the same time everyone else did. He [principal] just said it to everybody at lunch," said John Mastroberti, who is this week's Student Spotlight nominee.

John is a senior at Scholars Academy, a school for gifted students on the campus of Coastal Carolina University.

The program allows kids to take college classes while finishing up high school.

John said his perfect score will help him make an even smoother transition into college classrooms.

"I'm going to be able to skip a lot of the intro college math. Once I get into the higher levels I'll be more comfortable with the university style," Mastroberti said.

John said he knew he was well-prepared when he went in to take the advanced Placement BC Calculus Exam.

"I just paid attention in class. I did the exam prep and when I went into the exam I knew I wasn't lacking in any of the concept areas, so if I got point off it would just be for a silly careless mistake," Mastroberti said.

John said he is grateful for his high school career at the Scholars Academy because it gave him the opportunity to work hard and get ahead.

"This is the place to go. Not only do you have a large variety of High School classes at scholars itself, you also have the variety of every single course taught at CCU," Mastroberti said.

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