Man spits on Horry County Officer, refuses arrest

Man spits on Horry County Officer, refuses arrest

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Horry County Police Officers were dispatched to the Sleep Inn and Suites on Waccamaw Pines Dr. March 5, in reference to a disorderly man. Officers arrived to the scene and fought with the suspect who wouldn't cooperate with police and one officer was spit on, police reports say.

Once on scene the officer spoke to the hotel owner who said a taxi dropped off the suspect and the suspect came into the lobby and sat on the lobby couch. The owner said the suspect appeared to be intoxicated and became irate when asked if he was okay, then threw the coffee table across the lobby.

Reports say the suspect then went after the hotel owner, who ran to the second floor to get away.  When officers arrived the suspect was found walking behind the Kangaroo gas station next to the hotel. Officers saw the suspect get in and out of a parked mini-van, which had scattered pieces of the van all over the parking lot. The front bumper and the sliding side door of the van were laying on the ground in the parking lot. The suspect was caught ripping the dash board out of the vehicle. He continued ripping at the steering column and when officers asked if he was okay he said, "get the [explicit] away from me."

Officers advised the suspect he was under arrest and he refused, the officer continued to tell him he was under arrest, which he continued to disobey officer orders and was tased. The suspect was hit in the back and continued receiving orders to put his hands behind has back, which he refused.

The suspect grabbed the handcuffs as officers were trying to cuff him and another officer arrived on scene and was able to cuff the suspect who would not cooperate. It took three officers to get the suspect into the police car and the suspect tried to kick the window of the police car. The suspect was transported to the Conway Emergency Room.

Once officers arrived to the hospital the suspect would not get out of the car or walk into the hospital, he was placed in a wheelchair but jumped out causing himself to fall to the ground. Police reports say the suspect was treated and released at the hospital.

Once officers were trying to get him back into the vehicle he continued to resist and spit on the officer, hitting him on his pants.

Bradley Paul Stanley, 41, was charged for resisting arrest, and assaulting a police officer while resisting arrest

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