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Severe Weather Awareness Week: Nighttime tornado safety

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) This week is severe weather awareness week across the Carolinas. We are going to be giving you tips and tricks to help you stay prepared and help you stay ahead of the storm. 

Nighttime tornadoes account for more than twice as many deaths as tornado that occur during the day. For this reason, you need to be extra cautious if severe weather is expected overnight. Know your safety plan, know where you need to go and also have an easily accessible bag with essential safety resources inside. Some of those resources are a weather radio with fresh batteries, a flashlight and your cellphone with a full charge. These things will help make life after a tornado just a little bit easier. Any time severe weather is expected overnight you need to be on full alert.

No matter when severe weather strikes, you need to be prepared and be ready. Continue to follow WMBF News throughout the week so you can hear the rest of the tips we have for you. Don't forget to get the free WMBF News weather app downloaded on your smart phone as well. 

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