The Peanut Warehouse reopens this month

The Peanut Warehouse reopens this month

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - In two weeks, The Peanut Warehouse will see its first event in two years.

"I think everybody's ecstatic about it," said Scott Thompson. "I think what I got from everybody is they're glad the building's just not going to fall down, that it's going to be repaired and last for hopefully another 100 years at least."

The Peanut Warehouse, which was built in 1900, was closed in March 2014 after an inspection revealed structural issues.

Scott Thompson, of Thompson Farms in Conway, decided to take on the renovation in December 2015 and has since been working to make the building safe.

"I did not want an unsafe building," he said. "It's just not an option."

Thompson added more than 30 concrete piers to the already existent 100 brick piers that make up the foundation and also stabilized the ceiling with metal strapping to hold the roof down in strong winds.

Thompson didn't make any major aesthetic changes besides cleaning and adding lighting because he said he wants to preserve the building's charm, so any of the wood in need of repair or replacement was specially-ordered to match.

"There's not another building like this around here, the size and the shape and the age of this building," he said.

The Peanut Warehouse's first event of its new life is a Coastal Carolina University sorority formal scheduled for March 19.

Weddings are already being booked for the year and the Republican Stump Meet will return to this building in June, Thompson said.

"September, October, November, I know the first three Saturdays in each of those have already been claimed," he said. "We see people almost daily."

Thompson has plans to extend the porch to another side of the building to allow for more exits, which could increase the maximum capacity from the building's current cap at 300 people.

He hopes The Peanut Warehouse's reopening will invite more development to the Conway Riverwalk.

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