All 4 suspects arrested Thursday for sex acts on children have criminal pasts

All 4 suspects arrested Thursday for sex acts on children have criminal pasts
Panteleimon Spirakis. (Source: HCPD)
Panteleimon Spirakis. (Source: HCPD)
Lindsay Honeycutt. (Source: HCPD)
Lindsay Honeycutt. (Source: HCPD)
Anthony Strickland. (Source: HCPD)
Anthony Strickland. (Source: HCPD)
Ambrose Heavener. (Source: HCPD)
Ambrose Heavener. (Source: HCPD)

MYRTLE BREACH, SC (WMBF) – All four suspects arrested Thursday for alleged sex acts with two 4-year-old children have a criminal past – one suspect has several sex crimes in his past, and is a registered sex offender, and two other suspects have been arrested for several drug-related charges.

Below are details on the criminal histories of Panteleimon Spirakis, Lindsay Honeycutt, Anthony Strickland, and Ambrose Heavener, the four people arrested Thursday for with a litany of charges stemming from allegations of five months of sexual abuse of two 4-year-old children at three locations in Horry County, including a Myrtle Beach gentlemen's club.

Panteleimon Spirakis

Panteleimon Spirakis was arrested in November 2008 for allegedly molesting an 11-year-old girl for three years, according to Horry County Police. He allegedly fondled the girl, threatened her with a knife, and videotaped her and kept it in a safe at his residence, according to the report.  He was charged with criminal sexual conduct with a minor under 16 years old. He was also charged at this time with manufacturing, possession of a Schedule I, II, or III substance with intent to distribute, according to State Law Enforcement Division records.

In 2012, Spirakis, also known as Peter Spirakis, was the subject of a WMBF News special report about convicted felons working as locksmiths in our area. Spirakis was charged with lewd act on a minor under the age of 16 in January of 2005, but agreed to a plea that got him out of prison, and allowed him to work in North Myrtle Beach with a locksmith business in his name. He was also arrested on the same charge in October 2010, according to SLED records.

"Whenever I learned that he was going to be going into people's homes potentially, I had a huge concern," said Assistant Solicitor Candice Lively in a 2012 interview with WMBF News. She said Spirakis used his work as a way to control his victims. She said while investigating the case she learned he took the girls on his jobs and showed them how he could unlock doors.

"Telling [the victims], 'Don't lock your doors. You know I can get in,'" Lively explained. "They've sat there and watched him get into cars and homes for themselves. So they knew there was no way they could keep him out."

Spirakis was also arrested by Horry County Police charged with criminal domestic violence in 2004, according to SLED records. Court records related to this case were not available.

Spirakis is an Adult Tier II registered sex offender, meaning that "Predicate offenses include most felonious sexual abuse or sexual exploitation crimes involving victims who are minors, including distribution and production of child pornography," according to the SLED Sex Offender Registry.

Lindsay Honeycutt

Lindsay Honeycutt, identified as a dancer at Chez Joey in a  police report released Thursday, has been arrested and charged for the following crimes, according to SLED records:

-Arrested in March 2005 by Marion Police for speeding and possession of marijuana,

-Arrested in May 2007 by Myrtle Beach Police for shoplifting. She pleaded guilty and was sentenced to 20 days in jail, court records state.

-Arrested in December 2014 for possession of meth or cocaine base. She was sentenced to 18 months of probation for this charge, SLED records state.

-Arrested in August 2015 by Horry County Police for possession of 28 grams or less of marijuana. She was found guilty in bench trial, and sentenced to 30 days in jail, court records state.

-Arrested in September 2015 by Myrtle Beach Police for filing a false police report of a felony. The police report filed on September 24, 2015 was for a sex offense/forcible rape on and Anthony Strickland was listed as the suspect.  This case is still pending, according to court records.

Note that Honeycutt's first name is also spelled "Lindsey" in various court filings and criminal records.

Anthony Strickland

Anthony Strickland, a manager at Chez Joey, was arrested for criminal sexual conduct on August 7, 2015, according to the Myrtle Beach Police report. The victim claimed she was sexually assaulted by Strickland on August 5 at the residence in the 800 block of 48th Avenue North. According to court records, that charge was dismissed on October 14, and he was not indicted.

According to SLED records, Strickland was also arrested for the following crimes:

-Arrested in October of 2007 by Horry County Police for criminal domestic violence

-Arrested in June of 2010 by the 15th Circuit Drug Enforcement Agency for trafficking between 10 and 100 pounds of marijuana.

-Charged in 2012 for manufacturing, possession of a Schedule I, II, or III substance with intent to distribute.

-Arrested in February 2015 by Myrtle Beach Police for possession of marijuana

Ambrose Heavener

Ambrose Heavener was arrested in June 2011 in North Myrtle Beach for shoplifting items with a value less than $2,000, SLED records state. He pleaded guilty to this charge in July 2011, and was given a fine, according to court records.

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