Man charged for having guns in FMU dorm room

Man charged for having guns in FMU dorm room

FLORENCE COUNTY, WMBF) - An arrest was made at Francis Marion University Wednesday night after a man was found with three guns on campus.

Anthony Bernard Ray,18, is charged in connection with the incidents. He is not an FMU student.

Campus police said they were doing their regular rounds through the dorm rooms around 9 p.m. on Wednesday when they smelled marijuana in one of the halls.

They traced it back to a dorm room and that's where they reportedly found Ray with the firearms.

McKayla Parker, a junior at FMU, said her university is a place where students, and herself, should feel safe.

"For someone to bring guns on campus, it just terrified me," said Parker.

Campus police later found out that one of the guns Ray had is believed to have been stolen.

"You hear about all the school shootings that have gone on and guns being brought on campus. All I could think about was what if he would have started shooting up the dorms," Parker said.

Tucker Mitchell, director of public affairs at FMU, said it's against state law to have firearms on campus. He explained the entire situation would have been much different if Ray made a gun threat to anyone on campus.

"That's why they are vigilant to things like the smell of an illegal substance or some sort of suspicious activity," Mitchell said. "I will say this, we are fortunate we don't seem to have much of this activity on campus. When it does happen, our students are very good at reporting something that just didn't seem right to them."

"We at Francis Marion should be so thankful that these guns were found last night and the police officers are on top of things like they are," Parker said.

"The watchfulness of our police department, that's really what their main task is, to look for things on campus and try to prevent any kind of threats or dangers to students staff or faculty before they happen, so we're grateful they did that," said Mitchell.

FMU officials do not know the reason Ray was on campus yet and have not been able to talk to the person whose room he was in. The university is working with police in this investigation.

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