Construction begins on old Wicked Sticks Golf Course

Construction begins on old Wicked Sticks Golf Course
Construction started on the old Wicked Sticks Golf Course
Construction started on the old Wicked Sticks Golf Course

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Construction started on the old Wicked Sticks Golf Course for what will be the new Belle Mer residential neighborhood. 
Bill Clark Homes is the developer for the new natural gas neighborhood. It will be split into two segments, north and south, based on the old separation of the golf course. The current work being done is to level out the golf course and fill in some of the ponds. 
And according to the Horry County spokeswoman, Lisa Bourcier, the construction will be done in two phases. The first phase includes 46 lots for the north end and 46 lots on the south end. Once that's done, phase two will kick in. That will include 43 lots on the north end and 89 lots on the south end. There eventually will be 224 new homes.  
"And that's most residential builders," said Bourcier. "They do their construction in phases to make sure they sell in certain phases before they begin construction on the next."
With the extra homes and extra shops, people who already live in the area are concerned for extra traffic. There will be access roads from Coventry Road and Beaver Run Boulevard into the neighborhood. People who live in that neighborhood have been told that the South Carolina Department of Transportation has plans to add turn lanes to Coventry to help alleviate some of the congestion. But county leaders are not sure if there will be a need for more access or frontage roads until the commercial plans are finalized. The developer has yet to release any details on the 34 acres zoned as commercial at the front of the property.
People who live in the Southwood neighborhood are concerned not only about the traffic, but losing their pretty view as well. Many homes butt right up to the construction site right now. Those homeowners are looking to their home owner's association to try and change some rules so they can try and preserve some of their privacy.   
"Those are the people that are requesting that they have a privacy fence or an allowance to have a privacy fence put up," said Lou Krieger, who lives in Southwood. "So that's something that is going to have to be brought up before our board of directors." 
Krieger said at one point homeowners were considering making Southwood a gated community. But after crunching the numbers, he said it was not going to be cost effective.
Krieger said the new developer has reassured Southwood residents that all the construction work will actually alleviate any current flooding issues the older neighborhood might have. And according to the latest letter from the Southwood HOA president, they were working to meet with Horry County public works leaders about any drainage and sewer issues.

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