More than a sticker: MBPD use decal program to build stronger relationship with schools

More than a sticker: MBPD use decal program to build stronger relationship with schools

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - It seems small, but the message goes so far.

The Myrtle Beach Police Department adopted a new decal program to show support for the community and the students of Myrtle Beach schools.

School resource officers have the great responsibility to make sure schools and students are safe. For SRO Michael McMahon, it goes beyond that.

McMahon said he wants to show the students he cares and he supports them. That's why he can be seen riding around Myrtle Beach High School with a Seahawk mascot decal on his patrol vehicle.

"This is my extended family. These are my children, these are my staff and I am here to help them and I am here to protect. That's my main mission," said McMahon.

John Washburn, principal at Myrtle Beach High School, said he was excited to hear the Seahawks' pride and support extends to Myrtle Beach police.

"It is just a really nice addition to say those are our SROs because they have our seahawk on them as well. So, that makes it even that much more part of the family," said Washburn.

Last week the Myrtle Beach Police Department put the decals on the patrol cars for both  Myrtle Beach High School and Myrtle Beach Middle School.

Myrtle Beach Police Spokesman Joey Crosby said it's the department's way of showing their support for the community.

For McMahon, it's much more than just a sticker.

"It just shows the union between the police and the schools and I think we work great together," said McMahon. "I think the School Resource Officer Program is an important program."

"It's really great that Myrtle Beach Police Department thought it was important enough to brand those resource cars with our seahawk brand because it makes them part of our community," Washburn said.

He added that the decals also gives the officers the opportunity to be more relational with the students.

"We are also law educators, law counselors and law enforcement officers if need be," said McMahon.