MBPD: Pine Lakes burglary victims say suspect may have used doggie door to get in

MBPD: Pine Lakes burglary victims say suspect may have used doggie door to get in

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Another burglary in the Pine Lakes community was reported to the Myrtle Beach Police Department on Monday evening, according to a report from the MBPD. This one was off of 62nd Avenue North.

The victims told police their dogs started barking around midnight Monday morning. The husband checked the home and didn't find or see anything strange. When he went on the porch he did notice two packs of cigarettes missing, but he went back to bed.

Around 9 a.m. when the couple woke up, the wife noticed her purse was missing, and she could not find it after searching.

The husband said they realized the gate leading into the backyard was left open, and the door leading into the screened-in porch was also left open. Their doors into their home were locked, he said, but someone could have reached through the doggie door to unlock the back door.

The purse contained $400 in cash, numerous personal identity documents, bank and credit cards as well as car keys.

There have been 17 cases reported to Myrtle Beach police since February first involving a home or car break-in or theft, in a half mile radius surrounding Granddaddy Drive, the main road in Pine Lakes.

"The community is doing a great job at sharing information," explained Lieutenant Joey Crosby with the MBPD. "Whether that be through Facebook message boards that they have or through the neighborhood watch groups they have. So the community is doing a great job at sharing information of suspicious activity they're seeing. If someone sees something suspicious in the neighborhood they're calling police and we are certainly going to continue encourage that to continue to happen. We want to be informed as to what's happening. Plus were increasing our patrols within that area. So combining the two efforts together we hope to resolve this matter."

Crosby said there is no confirmed connection between any single break in in this area at this point.

"Investigators are certainly investigating these incidents and they're determining if they're related or  not related. What we do is we go into each investigation open minded until we have a piece of evidence to let us know that either a. They're connected or b. They're not. So investigators continue to pour over their evidence, evaluate each and every case to see if they are related or if they're not."

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