Chinese investors show interest in Hard Rock Park property

Chinese investors show interest in Hard Rock Park property

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Chinese investors are interested in the Myrtle Beach area, and an email to Mayor John Rhodes provides a better idea of where they might be looking.

The email, dated Dec. 6, 2015, comes from potential Chinese investor Ming Wu.

It's sent just weeks before a 16-day trip to China, a trip made by Myrtle Beach Mayor John Rhodes and Horry County Council Chairman Mark Lazarus.

Since that late January trip, both Rhodes and Lazarus have given few details, only teasing large announcement to come.

Rhodes has said that announcement involves potential jobs, economic development and tourism. He spoke vaguely about the possible investments in an interview a few weeks ago.

"It's exciting what they want to do and I know for sure that's its going to surprise people," Rhodes said in an earlier interview.

In the email sent to Rhodes in January, Wu mentions several points of conversation for the trip, including what's named the "music theme park."

That theme park is the former Hard Rock Park, and before that, the Freestyle Music Park. It closed down in 2009.

The email asks for information on the land, current status, owners and debts involved. It also mentions a sports stadium, something a spokesperson says could be a mistranslation.

Over the phone today, Rhodes chose not to share any details, saying nothing is concrete.

He said the investors are interested in the Myrtle Beach area and have many potential spots in mind.

The investors will come to town again in April.

Neither the investors nor current owners of the amusement park returned WMBF News' calls today.

The email didn't just mention the former amusement park site. The investor also alluded to promoting Myrtle Beach more to Chinese tourists.

Wu brought up the ideas of summer camps for Chinese students in Myrtle Beach, along with a Chinese lantern show.

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