MBPD finalizing operations plan for Memorial Day weekend

MBPD finalizing operations plan for Memorial Day weekend

. - MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - As Memorial Day weekend creeps closer, the City of Myrtle beach is finalizing its operations plan to handle the crowds and keep out violence.

Police said they'll be hammering out the remaining details in the months leading up to Memorial Day Weekend and Bikefest. For the most part, however, things like the traffic loop were set.

One thing residents and visitors should know ahead of the holiday weekend is a map to help drivers navigate through and around the Memorial Day traffic loop will soon be live.

People in Myrtle Beach will be able to go to a link and match the GPS on their phone with the map. From there, the map will give directions to help drivers navigate around the loop to wherever they need to go.

The map will be used for all major events in the city to help communicate traffic information in the future.

In addition to preparing the map, police are working to finalize the both the equipment and the boots on the ground that will be available.

Myrtle Beach Police Lt. Joey Crosby said the department reached out to all the agencies that were in town last year and are getting a count of how many will be back to help this year.

Police are also working with city staff to determine resources that will be available. These include cones, barricades and lights, as well as where and when they will be placed throughout the traffic loop.

While they know how they want it to work out, their plans are fluid and based on the needs of the community and what is happening when the weekend arrives.

"We're constantly evaluating our operational plan," Crosby said. "We're comfortable with the plan that we have and were very pleased with the success that we had last year, but we continue to evaluate all aspects of our operational plan. So, that does means as we get closer to the event itself there could be some other changes."

Those changes would likely be minor things like using cones instead of barricades at a certain spot.

As for that map, you won't be able to download it from an app store; it will be a page users will link to.

Once the city makes it public, WMBF News will walk you through how to use it.

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