FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Fantastic weekend weather ahead

FIRST ALERT FORECAST: Fantastic weekend weather ahead

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) Dry, sunny and cool through Saturday. Dry, Sunny and more mild Sunday through Tuesday with a slight chance of rain Wednesday.

We stay under the influence of a big high pressure system from now until Saturday. We're on the east side of the high which means our winds are coming from the north keeping us relatively cool for this time of year. This also helps cool us off tremendously at night. Overnight lows will be near freezing.

Once Sunday rolls around we move to the west side of the high meaning we get a southerly flow and warmer temperatures moving in. We stay clear Sunday through Tuesday and only see a few clouds move in by Tuesday.

We're already tracking our next system moving in for the middle of next week which will bring a few showers and much cooler air back to the region. By Thursday we dry off and cool off as well.

WMBF First Alert Meteorologist Andy Stein

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