Learn what voters need to know for Saturday's Democratic Primary

Learn what voters need to know for Saturday's Democratic Primary

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Registered voters can make their voices heard in the Democratic Presidential Primary in South Carolina on Saturday. Polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

Local leaders for the party want to make sure voters know that five of the polling locations will be different from what they're used to. These locations had to change because the usual location was going to be closed or booked for something else on the weekend. Here are the changed locations:

Dunes 3: to Windy Hill Fire Station

Jetport 2: to Myrtle Beach Fire Station 3

Garden City 1: to Seaside Elementary School

Little River 2: to Little River Fire Station

Ocean Forest 1: to Myrtle Beach Fire Station 6

"What's most important is we get as many Democrats out as possible," said Joan Furlong, the chair of the Horry County Democratic Party. "This is the opportunity to vote, to make a choice, don't wait until November!"

Furlong said the party has a very strong, unified vision for how society can function and how government can work to improve people's lives. So it makes sense to her that candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders are focusing on some of the same issues: raising minimum wage, equal pay, improving access to health care and higher education, and social injustices. The difference between the candidates is how they're promising to tackle these issues.

"Republicans have dominated South Carolina for decades, and yet the state is still at the bottom of so many rankings for healthcare, income," said Furlong. "And we see a better way of tackling problems like that. That would open doors and expand opportunities."

For Saturday's primary, the winner will get 53 out of the 59 delegates.

If you have any questions on your polling location of what to bring with you, click here: http://www.scvotes.org/

Remember that if you already voted in the Republican Primary last week, you are not able to vote in the Democratic Primary on Saturday.

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