Democratic candidates need big showing at SC primaries

Democratic candidates need big showing at SC primaries

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Hillary Clinton is in Myrtle Beach Thursday for round two of South Carolina's Democratic presidential primary. Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have been neck-and-neck so far, but South Carolina's primary is likely to commence with a front-runner.

Hillary Clinton began this week fresh off of the Nevada win.  "Some may have doubted us, but we have never doubted each other," Clinton rallied to a celebrating crowd.  The excitement followed her to Columbia.  Clinton has been touring South Carolina the entire week, but Sanders' travel schedule may suggest he has already conceded to defeat in South Carolina.  Bernie Sanders has focused his efforts in 'Super Tuesday' states – the 12 states that will vote this coming Tuesday, March 1 - rather than in the Palmetto State.

Former president Bill Clinton and President Obama both carried strong election wins in the state. Horry County was the only county in South Carolina won by Clinton when she ran against President Obama in 2008.

However, the outcome all depends on voter turnout and the votes of minorities, specifically minority women.  South Carolina is a better representation of the rest of the country compared to Nevada, Iowa and New Hampshire.  Hillary won 76 percent of the entire black vote in Nevada.  Her Twitter reflects her aims at minorities.  This week, she spoke about systematic racism and tweeted in Spanish.  Her stops in South Carolina have included guests like Trayvon Martin's mother and stops at Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, the nation's first African American sorority. A new commercial was released this week with Morgan Freeman as narrator.

Bernie Sanders has been winning the majority of Hispanic and young voters, but here in South Carolina, those people make up a tiny percentage of registered voters.

For more on the numbers, view the segments from WMBF's Thursday morning show above.

Don't forget South Carolina's primary is an OPEN primary.  Meaning if you didn't vote last weekend and you are registered as a voter for either party- you can vote this Saturday, the 27th, at your precinct.  If you need to check the location of your precinct and other voting information click here.

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