100-year-old Conway man campaigns for Clinton

100-year-old Conway man campaigns for Clinton

CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is stumping all over South Carolina ahead of Saturday's primary hoping to get more support.

In Conway, she can count on one vote for sure. And this voter could be one of Clinton's biggest and, perhaps, oldest supporters.

"Hillary, yeah that's the one I want, yeah," said Russel Stevens, who is 100 years old.

The centenarian is a strong Democrat who is not afraid to tell someone who he'll vote for.

"I love Hillary! I loved her for years, years, and years. It's been a long time," said Stevens, who is sits in his wheelchair with a Clinton campaign sign and her book in his hand.

Stevens' support for Clinton has been growing long before she knew she was going to run for president.

Ray Stevens, Russel's son, said his father has always believed in Clinton.

"Back years ago, when she was the first lady, dad brought that up about Hillary. He always mentioned that she will be president one of these days. That was years ago, and I think he might be right," Ray Stevens said.

Russel Stevens was married to his wife, another true Democrat, for 60 years before she passed away.

"Him and my mom both were very heavy into the Democratic Party," said Ray Stevens. "They have been that way all their life. He's been a Democrat from the get go."

Ray Stevens said his father asks about Clinton daily.

"I try to come see him every morning, and that's the first thing he asks me is, 'How's Hillary doing?'" the younger Stevens said.

The staff at his Conway nursing home say Russel Stevens will eagerly talk about the presidential race and how he is always campaigning for Hillary with a big banner and her autobiography titled 'HRC' in his hand.

"I think one of Mrs. Clinton's workers found out about Dad and sent him that sign," explained Ray Stevens as he sat next to his father.

Now that it's established who Russel Stevens is going to vote, there is only one thing left to do.

"Where do you vote at?" Stevens asked his son.

"We'll let you know," Ray Stevens replied, prompting an "Okay!" from his father.

"Considering his age and everything, to me he is a miracle. But to have his mind and the way he talks every day, he can just carry on a conversation just like we're doing. It's just great," said a very proud Ray Stevens.

It is on Russel Stevens' bucket list to meet Clinton. The Stevens family want their father to attend Clinton's Myrtle Beach rally scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 25, but health concerns and the crowds could be an issue.

The elder Stevens turns 101 in September. His hope is to see his favorite woman become the first female president.

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