Body found near bridge in Lake View community in Dillon County

Body found near bridge in Lake View community in Dillon County

DILLON COUNTY, SC  (WMBF) – A body has been found near the Beaver Dam bridge on Road 30 near Lake View, confirmed Captain Cliff Arnette with the Dillon County Sheriff's Office.

The body was found around 8 a.m. Wednesday morning. Captain Arnette says one of his litter control officers was the one to find the body.

He says the officer was doing his regular rounds throughout the county, and when he got to the Lakeview Community area, he noticed something suspicious by the bridge, and that's when he found the body."The sherriff's office has a litter control officer who goes all around the county. He just happened to be in this particular area and then noticed something that looked suspicious in nature, which led to him contacting us and we got out to the scene," said Arnette.

The Dillon County Sheriff's Office got to the scene right away, along with SLED and Dillon County Coroner's Office. Captain Arnette says this is an ongoing investigation and the body was sent for an autopsy on Wednesday.

"We do not know the person's identity at this point in time, so that's important to us right now to try to determine the name of the person whose body was located here. That'll be more of our investigative process that we'll have to do at that point to determine the timeline and location of where this person may have been from," said Arnette.

The autopsy results should be released on Thursday. Stay tuned to WMBF to bring you that new information.

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