Florence police tout new equipment and team work in solving case

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) - A family is finding closure after a suspect has been charged in a deadly hit-and-run.
Florence Police said team effort and new equipment is behind the success.
“The entire agency worked together exactly like it was supposed to,” Allen Heidler, Chief of Police for the City of Florence said.
That’s what Heidler is saying now that 47-year-old Sidney Keith Haynes, is behind bars and charged with killing 21-year-old Brandon Creason.
Investigators said that on February 13, Haynes hit Creason who was driving his moped down Irby Street near Alligator Road.
A neighboring business caught the alleged incident on camera.
While the department can’t comment any further on this case, the chief said newly acquired equipment helped to pinpoint exactly what happened which ultimately landed a suspect in jail.
“We purchased this equipment with a federal grant. It’s the same as what you would see a surveyor use,” Heidler.
Heidler said the lasers built into the equipment helps to give precise measurements and eliminate human error.
“They place the device on the ground and they shoot to a prism that’s held by another individual,” Heidler said.
That information is then placed into a computer and spits out information to help solve the case.
“ It helps to help determine speeds of vehicles precise measurements for scale diagraming and that type of thing,” Heilder said.
Heidler said the equipment has helped to make the department even more efficient.
“It helps to finish an investigation a lot faster and prior to that before this digital equipment was available we were doing everything by hand,” Heidler said.

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