Shetland Lane remains closed for U.S. 17 roadwork

Shetland Lane remains closed for U.S. 17 roadwork
MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Businesses and residents around Shetland Lane are left upset with the permanent closure of the Shetland Lane and U.S. 17 intersection.

Though the intersection was known for T-bone accidents, some fatal, the solution to limit how drivers can get to Shetland Lane from U.S. 17 has local businesses and residents beyond frustrated.

Well I can't get in and I can't get out, Roosevelt Bellamy said.

Those who live in the neighborhoods just beyond Shetland Lane feel simply leaving the house has become a hassle and businesses aren't happy with changes now being set in stone either.

If this is such a dangerous intersection, why are we putting up concrete walls? Debbie Sklener asked.

Sklener works at Joes Diner by the Airport and said many wish they were heard before the decision was made final.

We have 1,150 signatures, and that's a lot of people that think it would have been a whole lot easier to just put a light up there, Sklener explained.

Nearly every customer who walked into Joe's Diner Monday morning was frustrated with either how they had to get there or the way they'd have to go home. This is just the local crowd.

Were also afraid that our tourists that we wait for and open our doors to won't be able to find us. They'll just keep going, and that, I'm very scared of, Sklener said.

City spokesperson Mark Kruea said this decision was a South Carolina Department of Transportation decision and it is solely for the overall safety of the intersection.

Though safety is important to everyone around Shetland Lane, many werent expecting a permanent concrete closure.

Thats not what we thought we would get at all. We thought we'd get a light, like the mall, with an arrow, Sklener added.

Though people are starting to learn how to get to the businesses beyond the intersection, some regulars haven't made an appearance since.

It is a topic numerous times a day," said Sklener. "They're still talking about it, they're still bothered by it, they're still complaining about it, and we just thank them for coming in and ask them to do so again.

While many residents say they still plan to fight this closure, city officials say Fred Nash Boulevard will be open again in two weeks, giving people another way in and out.

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