Daytona 500 a tough race to lose

Daytona 500 a tough race to lose

. - DAYTONA BEACH, FL (WMBF) - The question was 32 words.

"You mentioned, and so did Denny, about you guys talking last night about working together and coming up with a pretty definitive game plan," the unsuspecting reporter said into a microphone, setting up a question that would give some insight. "Can you elaborate on that a little bit?"

Kyle Busch didn't feel like giving that insight.


Losing isn't fun for NASCAR drivers. But, as the second and third place driver sat in front of the media after the Daytona 500 Sunday, they were clearly in different moods.

"I missed my opportunity," Busch said of his third place finish. "That's racing. That's how it goes."

Martin Truex Jr. cemented a place in every recap as the driver who lost the closest Daytona 500 in the history of the race. Despite that, he was pleased with his team's second-place performance.

"It was really amazing what we were able to do all day and really just control the race the way we did," Truex said. "Wish we could have won, obviously. Just going to have to watch that on the highlight reel for the rest of my career, I suppose, the rest of my life."

He'll have to watch Denny Hamlin cross the line 0.01 seconds before he did. Busch and Truex Jr. are both left wondering what they could've done differently in the Great American Race.

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