Two receive minor injuries during early morning house fire in Conway

Two receive minor injuries during early morning house fire in Conway
Aftermath of the house fire. (Source: Alexandria Savage-Davis)
Aftermath of the house fire. (Source: Alexandria Savage-Davis)

HORRY COUNTY, SC (WMBF) - Fire fighters from Horry County and the city of Conway worked together for several hours to put out an early morning blaze at a home on Hawksmoor Drive Monday.

The call to first responders went out at around 2:15 A.M. on Monday. Crews fought the fire for two to three hours before it was out.

"The flames were, like, coming out of that garage like it was nothing," said neighbor Amanda Duncan. "It was just bellowing out."

Duncan says she ran outside after the first explosion and immediately called 911. She says eight or nine more explosions followed, and neighbors rushed to make sure everyone was out of the house. Lt. Brian VanAernem with Horry County Fire Rescue said the fire started in the garage, but the cause is still undetermined and under investigation.

"When I was talking to dispatch, she was telling me to calm down, and I was like, why should I calm down?" she said.

While going through the rubble Monday, a family member said everyone was inside when the fire started, and everyone is alright. However, one person was treated for smoke inhalation, and another for minor burns, according to Lt. VanAernem. Fire damage extended to the house next door.

The family member said the Red Cross stopped by early in the morning, and now family members are figuring out what is next.

Neighbors say they now want to chip in, because of how giving and caring the family has been to everyone else.

"It's awful for that to happen, especially for someone so giving and caring about the rest of the community," Duncan said. "He's so outgoing, and outspoken, and giving."

Duncan and other neighbors are still figuring out how exactly to help out, but they're working fast.

So far they have a gofundme page, and more plans to come.

The family says one of their small pug mixes is missing, and fire crews told them it wasn't inside. The pug is cream colored and named Brandy.

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