Neighborhood mourns elderly couple killed in fire

Neighborhood mourns elderly couple killed in fire

LAKE CITY, SC (WMBF) - An elderly couple was killed when their home caught fire Saturday in Lake City. Over 50 percent of the home was covered in flames when firefighters arrived on scene.

It happened just after midnight Saturday on Darlington Street. Eddie Salter was 84 and Yvonda Salter was 64, according to the Florence County Coroner. An autopsy was scheduled Sunday to determine the exact cause of death. Rosa Simmons, who lives in the area, said she knew the couple well, and grew up with Yvonda in the church.

"Yvonda, she was raised in the church, she raised her children in the church, and they are still in the church," Simmons said. "So they have a strong religious background, and that helps in the neighborhood,"

Simmons said the two had several children who also grew up here, many of whom still live in Lake City. She said the couple were always out helping people, and stayed active in the community. Simmons was just one of many people to stop by the house to pay their respects, and she said this tragedy will be a big blow to the town.

"They'll absolutely be missed in the area. I think by you being here and you can see people just coming by and looking and these are people that knew them. And it's just difficult to deal with at this time, but they'll definitely be missed in the area."

Lake City Fire Department said they're still unsure what caused the fire, and will continue to investigate.

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