Trump rallies along Grand Strand

Trump rallies along Grand Strand

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Thousands of potential voters heard Donald Trump speak at rallies around the Grand Strand the day before the South Carolina Republican primary.

A long line extended through the parking lot of the Myrtle Beach Sports Center as people filed into the event, which started at noon Friday.

Donald Trump spoke for a full hour about many different topics including foreign trade, corporation-controlled presidential candidates, gun control, defeating ISIS, military funding and illegal immigration.

Trump pointed out an audience member wearing a construction outfit holding a sign reading, "I'm ready to work on the wall," referencing his proposed wall along the Mexican border.

He also talked about how high unemployment rates are for African Americans.

"I will do more for the African American people in one year than Barack Obama has done in his seven years, soon to be eight years," he said.

Trump did bring up some of his competitors, calling Ted Cruz a liar and saying Jeb Bush spent $44 million in New Hampshire, while he won by spending $3 million.

Protesters were among the crowd in Myrtle Beach and got kicked out during Trump's speech.

Trump's event in Pawleys Island was more informal with a long question and answer session with the audience, which filled the Pawleys Plantation conference center to capacity.

An audience member asked about creating jobs for young people with so many baby boomers retiring. Trump said he will do that by taking jobs away from China.

Another person asked about the possibility of cutting social security, to which Trump told her he will not do that, even though other candidates have said they will.

Abortion, budget balancing and college debt were among other topics people asked Trump about at the Pawleys Island rally.

Trump encouraged people at his rallies to go to the polls Saturday.

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